Two-Way Street Services

I ask “Who attends a conference, when you can follow it on Twitter?”  They can be the same attendees who are confident that their time and money are better spent participating at your conference.  That’s the influence of Two-Way Street conference marketing.

Two-Way Street specializes in conference marketing: building a story, and enhancing delegate relations to capture the momentum of an idea, sparked by face-to-face interaction.  Heighten participation by seducing the crowd, building anticipation, elevating personal connections, and supporting the event afterglow.

Two-Way Street creates interactive opportunities for the community to add to the discussion, take away ideas, and make great associations.

It’s a Two-Way Street: The talking head/ nodding head education model is evolving.  As the host organization, you gain from the intangible value of attendance by like-minded supporters. In the name of collaboration, everyone in attendance is a stakeholder: delegates, speakers, organizers, volunteers and sponsors. Reward them for participation and they will remember you.

Services include: online sales and marketing, social media, email campaigns, delegate relations, visual minutes, desktop publishing and final reports.